Find Out How An Average Looking Gay Woman Got Over 2000 Hits On Her Online Dating Profile In Less Than 6 Months and How YOU Can Too!

What are YOU waiting for?  You’re worth $39.95 aren’t you?

A quick recap of the features and benefits of my eBook. 
 I give a step by step method of writing a profile that creates winning results.  The advantage of this is that it is a quick and simple way of discovering what you are looking for in a partner and how to write a profile to attract exactly the kind of person you want to meet.  The benefit of this is that it saves you the frustration over agonizing what you should write in your profile.  I help you pinpoint what you are really looking for in a mate.  I also save you the frustration of not knowing how to get a date online.  Finally, this eBook will save you time and money and get you crystal clear about what you want, why you want it and who you want and why you want them.  

The workbook that comes with the eBook is like your own private journal.  Often times, there are things about us that we overlook.  These can be both good and bad.  Through this workbook you will discover qualities about yourself that you didn’t know were important to another person and I will help you capitalize on those qualities.  

Plus as a BONUS you get a list of the 10 Most Romantic Dates AND 77 ideas for a great first date!

So what makes my book different from all the rest?  You could spend hours searching the internet for articles on how to find love online and they are all going to tell you something different and focus on the act of getting online.  They don’t teach you how to create your own flashing billboard that says, “PICK ME.”
Everybody wants somebody to love them but they just don’t know how to find, attract and meet that person.
You could spend thousands of dollars going to bars, joining dating organizations and doing social things that you really don’t have the time, energy or money to do.  You could spend thousands of dollars going to a dating coach or seeing a personal therapist who won’t show you exactly what you need to do to stand out.
Do you have that kind of energy and money?
Do you have the time to read every fashion article or keep up with what bar is offering what on what night?
I don’t.  Who has that kind of time?
It is hard enough being gay.  It is hard enough being in the minority.  
Given the statistics that only 10% of the population is gay that means that you only have a 5% chance of even meeting another gay person.  (half men/half women)  Let’s face it, the odds are not in our favor.
Unless you are in a gay bar, you really don’t know who is gay and who is straight and sometimes, even if you are in a gay bar or in a gay setting, sometimes a lot of straight people are there.  So you never really know if they are gay or not.  When you go online and type: Women seeking Women or Man Seeking Man you know exactly who you are looking for and they know you are gay too.
Gay people can’t always just meet someone in a grocery market, or at the gym, or at the local coffee shop.  It is hard for us.  There is less of a selection to pick from.  Imagine writing a profile that will capture the attention of the one person out there who is really looking for you?  Imagine attracting people to you from all over the Internet.  That is what you will do with this eBook.  I take all of the hard work out of it for you because I have it down to a science.
Why not give it a chance?  What do you have to lose? You have my unconditional money back guarantee that if you don’t feel that this eBook has benefited you, you can get your money back.  You have 8 weeks to try out the methods and discover how it works for you!
I have been where you are.  It wasn’t until I applied certain methods to finding love that I actually did find love.  I am confident that those methods will work for you too.
You’re Worth it.  
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P.S. I share every secret I know about marketing yourself for love online. You can quickly pick up those techniques and achieve INSTANT RESULTS.
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Today is the day to find the love you deserve even if you are shy about talking to new people or hate being social.  You can start right now from the comfort of your own home and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas!  Don’t waste another minute of your life being unhappy and single.  You deserve love.


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Get Results With Your Online Dating Profile!

Discover the Amazing Step By Step Secrets To Finding Love and Increasing Your Dating Odds

Are you a Single Gay Man or Woman and Looking For the Love of Your Life?  Then Keep Reading!

You’re busy.  Your life seems full.  There’s just one thing missing- that special someone to share it with.  You want your soul-mate to walk into your life.  You yearn for someone unique to be your companion, your lover, maybe even your gay “husband or wife.”  There’s just one thing... you don’t know how or where to find him or her.  You’ve tried everything, even Internet Dating, but it didn’t work.  Well I am going to tell you how you can attract the person of your dreams in the flesh and get results with your Online Dating Profile and start attracting people to you left and right!

Have you bought every book, watched every TV show and listened to every CD or MP3 on how to IMPROVE your chances of finding love?   I bet if you’re like me, you have.

Perhaps you have read a few articles here and there about relationships. Maybe you even went to the gay and lesbian chat hoping to meet someone.  You might have even signed up on a gay dating website.   Perhaps you have even bought a few books or attended a few seminars on relationships hoping to meet someone.  I know I have.  Have you tried everything and still NOTHING works?  You just can’t seem to find the one for you?

Well, guess what?  This ISN’T about changing yourself.  This isn’t about spending thousands of dollars on worthless seminars that get you nowhere.  This isn’t about taking dance lessons or learning to play guitar or learning how to strip for your lover.  This is about taking the ONE thing that only YOU have and strategically positioning it on the Internet to find love.  Did I pique your curiosity? Did I?  Even a little?  Well keep reading.

Discover the Effective, Step-by-Step “Secrets” of How to find the love you WANT and DESERVE Online…

The Special Information below is guaranteed to put YOU on the Fast Track to Finding Love on the Internet and Getting a Date immediately! Both gay men and lesbians are using these methods with outstanding results!

Dear love seeker,

My name is Vicki Wagner and I'm the author of the course manual:



  How to Market Yourself




Exactly what kinds of people do you think go online to meet other people?

Doctors                                         Lawyers                                   Real Estate Agents

Athletes                              Business Executives                                    Singers

Actors                                Motivational Speakers                                Librarians

Fitness Instructors                     Teachers                                      Sports Coaches

Writers                                        Counselors                                           Artists

Psychiatrists                              Musicians                                    ...And many more

Looks like a pretty good list doesn’t it?  Do you really think these BUSY people have time to sit around in bars or go to social event after social event looking to find a date?  I’ve got news for you…they don’t!  That’s why they go online looking for love.  They know that they can find out a lot about someone in a short amount of time and choose to use their valuable time for other pursuits.

Ok- so maybe you already know all this, but maybe you don’t- I just want to make sure you’re not scared of who might be online like I was.

If you are familiar with how dating sites on the Internet work…

I know you could be reading this saying- “But I’m ALREADY online and I haven’t had that kind of luck!”- well, I am going to help you change that.  I am going to help you get RESULTS from your online dating profile!

You might be reading this wondering why your profile isn't attracting attention on the Internet. Maybe you're frustrated with the precious few hits you're getting on your profile. 

You might even be thinking that it's only a lucky chosen few with money, good looks and perhaps the "golden touch" who are able to meet their soul mates. 


Here's some truth about me:  A VERY short time ago I was single and lonely. In fact, I was more than lonely, I was drowning in my tears from being by myself all of the time!  I’d go to bed alone and lie awake wondering why I couldn’t meet anyone.  I’d see other couples holding hands and kissing on the sidewalk and long to be like them.

Sometimes I’d cry in the shower thinking that I’d never meet anyone and live the rest of the days alone with my two cats.  Until one day, I made the decision to change that and quit being lonely and depressed and be successful with nothing more than average looks, a little character and my keyboard! And I knew nothing  (nada, zero, zip, zilch) about Internet Dating or how to meet someone online!

How did I do it? I used a simple but powerful concept I now call Love Marketing! 

All I did was apply some powerful marketing techniques that I already knew and magic happened!

What did she say?  Marketing?  Yes, Marketing.  The one thing that all the other books, CD’s, articles and TV shows missed.  And THAT is why you are still single.  You don’t know how to market yourself.

Don’t believe me?

Think of anything sold ever in the history of the world-it was done with marketing.  TV ads are marketing, radio spots are marketing, and signs along the highway are marketing.  Marketing is everywhere- advertisements on your food and beverages, in your newspaper, on the local bus and taxicab, subway and train.  Yes, my friend, everywhere you look you are getting marketed to about something.  It is a way of life.

Unfortunately though- most people don’t know how to market themselves.   You don’t know how to put yourself out there in a way that makes people stand up, take notice and want to get to know you.  And that is where I come in.  Consider me your personal online dating coach.  I am going to help you identify your best attributes and teach you how to make your profile stand out like a flashing billboard! The kind that stands out and gets noticed.  The kind that makes others want to find out more about you.  The kind that will help you find your true love.  

With this manual you too can find love, get a date immediately and live the life you dreamed of, with the possible love of your life at your side!

First though, you could be totally confused about how or where to even start looking for the love of your life online. Maybe you are someone who believes that only weirdoes go online to find love.

(You’re not alone-I used to think so too!)

So, please read on . . .

In the name of saving you precious time, here's the bottom line:

If YOU. .  .

  Are sick and tired of being alone and going home by yourself each and every night

  Have tried to date online without success

  Wonder if you are ever going to meet someone to share your life with

  Are frustrated with who shows up at your local bar

Truly want to improve your life by meeting that someone special

Have a little 'personality', and

Some common sense and can follow through

. .  . Then I will show you how you can become one of the most highly sought after people on any dating website and start attracting attention to your profile with the kind of sizzle that will blow your socks off!  Are you ready for your flashing billboard?  Are you ready for the excitement you are going to feel?  Are you ready to find love?

I Know What Works in marketing and how to help even the one person who has NEVER visited a dating website in their life!  I was one of those people myself!  I’ve read hundreds of profiles and I can tell you what works and what doesn’t in an instant!

I can tell you right now what most online profiles are like:

They are boring

They are useless

They are a waste of time and money


No one responds to them!!!

So what are some of the benefits of GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE?

  1. BulletFinding the love of your life!

  2. BulletStart getting numerous hits on your profile

  3. BulletHave someone to share the holidays with!

  4. BulletFind someone to tell your stories!

  5. BulletDiscover what your unique qualities are.

  6. BulletLearn the specific keywords that trigger emotion.

  7. BulletAttract the kind of person you want.   

  8. BulletCreate a profile that will knock someone off their feet

  9. BulletFind out where to take someone on your first date!

  10. BulletLearn how to write a compelling story in your profile

  11. BulletDiscover some inside secrets of internet dating.

  12. BulletLearn how to gain attention like a flashing billboard.

  13. BulletDiscover how to impress your date.

  14. BulletLearn how to select the perfect picture to put on your profile

  15. BulletLearn how to write an eye catching headline.

  16. BulletDiscover how to write an email that they will get responses.

  17. BulletLearn how to create a screen name that grabs attention.

And that’s not all, you’ll also…

  1. BulletLearn some of places no one thinks of to take a first date

  2. BulletLearn the secret to being romantic

  3. BulletLearn the do’s and don’ts of Internet dating

  4. BulletLearn how to increase your self confidence

  5. BulletLearn how to optimize your time online

  6. BulletLearn how to describe yourself the way others want to read

  7. BulletCompel people to click on your profile

  8. BulletStop wasting hundreds of dollars without even going on one date

  9. BulletStop settling for someone you don’t want!

  10. BulletStart smiling every time you turn on your computer because you have so many emails waiting for you to read from prospective lovers.

  11. BulletBe able to share the news with your family and friends that you have met someone special

  12. BulletBe able to show up for the holidays with someone instead of going it alone

  13. BulletSave money


Only you can decide what you're willing to invest in trying to find love. Only you can decide if you are worth creating the perfect ad that it takes to meet that special someone.  Only you know how lonely you have been up until now, and only you can determine whether or not you want to stay single indefinitely!  Do you want to miss your chance at finding true love?  Why would you when you can use this manual right now to solve your problems?

I can guarantee you that if you follow the simple methods I provide, you will dramatically increase the amount of people who will click on your profile.  Big time!

I want to share with you everything about how I got over 2000 hits on my profile, right here and right now in this eBook!

I'm going to show YOU how to create your own sizzling profile so the same kinds of great dating opportunities can happen to you too! GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE takes you step-by-amazing-step along the exact path I took. I leave nothing out! In fact, I include the proven methods that will get you noticed and get people clicking on your profile. How many books have you read lately telling you to change your personality or become someone different?  How many articles have you read on finding love?  How many relationship tests have you taken? How many television shows tell you the "competition" is stealing the person you should be dating?  Have you seen it on TV?  Have you watched?  Have you?  I have and I think there’s a much easier way to find the love you want!

In all, I provide SEVERAL Proven Methods based on ONE Powerful Concept -Love Marketing - that will put you on the fast track to finding love on the Internet.  It's ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW!

If you're thinking that buying a $3000 seminar on the-latest-greatest-strategies-to-entice-someone-to-date-you is your ticket to the big leagues, you might as well get it now (You'll still have my best wishes for great success!) because, well, this ain't it! Fact is though, if you use the simple methods outlined in GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE you'll magically find yourself chatting with someone who might go out with you tomorrow. Why? Because they’ll be so drawn to you that they can’t possibly wait another day to meet you. That's how powerful the process of Marketing Yourself For Love really is!

Start ATTRACTING Love Right Now! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to have the relationship of your dreams! You can get online in 5 minutes with the bonus list of dating websites I provide

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I'm going to assume that you either know me or know enough about me to really know that I simply wouldn't put my name on the line to sell what amounts to an inexpensive product just to make some quick money. After all, my reputation (and my future on the Internet) depends on offering you great value quality products time after time that provide maximum benefit for the least amount of money.

So, GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE despite it's power to change your future (did you read the above testimonials?), is not priced at  $1000.00, or $500.00 or even $250.00 like a lot of courses. As a matter of fact, about all you could get for what I'm charging for my secrets is a night out at the movies!  All I am asking for this powerful, life-changing information right now is a mere  $39.95. Why? Because I really want you to have GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE.   I will undoubtedly raise the price to a more realistic price very soon!

My Money-Back Guarantee

You have my personal guarantee that GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE will do for you all that I claim it will if you follow the steps I outline for you. I am so confident that this book will make all the difference in helping you find true love or at least more hits on your profile that I will back up your purchase with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Try the methods in GET A DATE TODAY! How to Market Yourself for LOVE risk free for 8 weeks and if they do not work for you as they have for me, show me the proof, and every penny of your purchase price will be graciously refunded. AND, you get to keep the book and the bonuses!  That’s right!  You get 60 days to read the book and try out the system!

Now tell me, who else will do this for you so how can you possibly go wrong?  If you believe that you deserve to have the relationship of your dreams than this guide is for you!

For Only $39.95 you get:

The Internet Dating Love Manual “GET A DATE TODAY! How To Market Yourself For LOVE”- A Value of over $375

The Personal Action Step Workbook- A $35 Value

15 Tips To Be a More Interesting Date- A $20 Value

Where Should We Go On A First Date?-A $20 Value

List of Dating Websites- Priceless

A Total Value of over $450.00!

Remember, you must order today to get Get a Date Today- How to Market Yourself for Love! and these great bonuses, including the list of gay dating websites for only $39.95 . . .

So, what could you possibly be waiting for? Aren’t you tired of being alone?


With my best wishes,

Vicki Wagner

Still not sure about online dating?

I met the woman I live with and love online after applying the concepts I teach in this book.  She is the first woman I have lived with in over 14 years.  My Mom wants her to be her daughter in law and we are thinking of starting a family.  But I’m not the only one who found love online...

Maria C. from Los Angeles went to Vegas for a romantic weekend only weeks after she met someone online.  They now live together and have been happy for over 3 years.

Damian from Los Angeles met his wife online and they just had their first child.

Sue K. from Chicago, IL has been in a 10 year long relationship after meeting someone online.

Marie M. from Washington DC moved out to California to be with a woman she met online.

Cheryl Anne G. from Connecticut met her soul mate online and they just bought a house together.

Gina A. from New Orleans moved in with a woman she met online and is happier than she has ever been in her whole life

Tammy B. from Ohio went to Puerto Vallarta with a woman she met online

Oh, did I tell you, that one of the people who read the book got taken to the Ritz Carlton in Maui for their THIRD date? Still think the people who go online to find love are bums?

Don’t worry- I include a whole section on what to do and what NOT to do online and what to be aware of.  I list facts you should know about online dating and when to be careful.

I also am giving you a complete list of almost every gay dating website that exists on the web so you don’t have to waste your time trying to find the one that is right for you!  I’ll even break it down section by section. 

  1. Bullet   I am also going to give you the 10 most romantic dates to take someone on

  2. Bullet   The 77 most tried and true dating places for First dates- and NO they aren’t               dinner and a movie.

  3. Bullet  15 Steps to be a more interesting date and an entire list of gay dating websites- which could take you more than a few days to find them all on your own!

You get ALL these bonuses and MORE!  But remember, you have to act fast, because after this quick release I am probably going to raise the price to a more realistic amount. 

You have nothing to lose- remember- you get a RISK free trial and 60 days to go over the materials and decide that they were indeed worth the paltry fee of $39.95.

So, GO AHEAD and order!  What are you waiting for?  I am looking forward to hearing how it worked and maybe even reading your profile.  I know you can do it because it works!  EVERYONE has something unique to him or her and you do too!  I can hear you saying right now- “Hey Vicki, You were right!  There IS someone for me out there!” 

Imagine the elation you will feel after you find the perfect partner for you.  It has already worked for so many others and I am looking forward to seeing it work for you too!  It’s such a shame for you to be sitting home alone when you could be out on a fabulous date gazing into someone’s eyes.

To your success!

Vicki Wagner


This amazingly low price is offered for a limited time ONLY!  I will be raising the price to a more realistic price soon!  Order today before the price goes up!

ONLY $39.95 USD

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Sold through Clickbank.

"GET A DATE TODAY! How To Market Yourself for LOVE”  is currently priced at ONLY $39.95 as a promotion, which may end at any time.

Yes Vicki!  I want to find out your secrets!


What’s it all about?

Maybe you've heard all the buzz about “online dating”, and all of the relationship advice out there.  You’ve seen some crazy tactics used by strange people on TV.  You’ve heard how to change your personality, cut your hair, and lose weight- whatever!

But I'm not talking about making up a secret name or going on Dr. Phil or to any other relationship guru.  I’m not talking about couples therapy or fixing your relationship woes or using a “wingman” to help you out.  I’m not talking about sending your best-friend over to tell some guy or girl he or she is cute or playing hard to get.  I'm talking about using the one thing that's more important and far more powerful than any of those techniques - 

I'm talking about Marketing YOU for LOVE! 

I'm also not talking about spending any more of your hard earned money on hanging out at the bar or paying even more money to join a singles group. Not one red cent! You don’t have to spend any more of your money buying drinks for people who wouldn’t even give you the time of day and within months be on the fast track to Love and Dating!

Most important, I'm not talking about changing who you are, or changing your personality!

What I am talking about is showing you exactly how to attract someone to you online today, and not applying these concepts is exactly why SO many people haven’t had any luck WHATSOEVER finding that special someone online and SO many single lonely people are giving up!

Use my Online LOVE Marketing methods and you will: 

  1. BulletSoon be chatting away with several potential dates

  2. BulletDiscover how easy it is to draw people to your profile like bees to honey

  3. BulletReceive tons of requests from people who want to meet YOU!

  4. BulletDiscover what it is that is holding you back from finding true love

  5. BulletFind out how EASY it is to meet and date people online

  6. BulletDiscover the hidden cause of not finding the right person for you

  7. BulletLearn how to write a profile that works FOR you instead of against you

  8. BulletDiscover how to absolutely uncover your true desires in a mate

  9. BulletFind out how to choose a partner by making decisions that align with your heart and your head

  10. BulletLearn how to find someone you love rather than settling for someone you don’t want

  11. BulletFind out how who you think you want and who you really want may be dramatically different

  12. BulletQuickly become Popular as the new guy or girl on the Internet Dating Scene.

  13. BulletFeel Great as the highly sought after person that people can’t wait to meet

  14. BulletEnjoy a tremendous Increase in Potential Lovers to you through your profile

  15. BulletSave a ton of money on bar-bills that leave you empty-handed


Listen, you can learn all the latest tips, tricks and temporary tactics to attract attention, but if you don’t know HOW to compel that special someone to CONTACT you, then what's the point?  Why even bother putting up a dating profile? 

Think of it from a business standpoint- the number ONE reason businesses go OUT of business is because they weren’t marketed properly.  FACT.

What I am about to teach you I guarantee will change your Internet Dating life, as you know it - in a big way! And I'll back it up with my personal  100% Money-Back Guarantee! Did you hear that? 

I will give you every penny that you paid for my inexpensive eBook system if it doesn't work for you!

That’s right- take up to 8 weeks to read the book, do the exercises in the workbook and create an online profile.  That’s 60 days that you get to try the techniques I have outlined for you.  Complete as much of the workbook as you like!  I’m so confident that these methods will work for you that you will never want to send it back!

The GREAT NEWS is that you can get access to those secrets, tips and techniques RIGHT NOW just by clicking a link! 

It’s an EBOOK!  No waiting in long lines…no using your gas money to drive to the store…no waiting for it to be shipped to you…and no embarrassment buying it because you can order it right now in the privacy of your own home this very minute!

Why are you still reading?  Aren’t you tired of being lonely?

Click HERE to Download Now!



Now, if you're wondering why you should trust me (I'll totally understand considering all the scam artists and self-proclaimed  "gurus" on the Internet), you can read below to read personal testimonials from people from all walks of life that I have helped.

Discover how YOU can find love no matter what!

Overweight?  Not a problem!  Not a supermodel?  So What! Not a gay god? That’s OK.  I am going to show YOU how to find love TODAY!  Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!  Trust me, I started dating online when I was more than 50 pounds overweight and not only did I get countless hits on my profile and endless emails, but I also got a very rewarding relationship.  How did I do it?  Keep reading and I will tell you!

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of coming home to an empty house every night?  Did you miss the latest film at the box office because you didn’t have anyone to go with?  Do you think you might never find the right person to spend the rest of your life with?  Well, whether you want someone to just cuddle up to, laugh with, or share your dreams with, I can help you greatly increase your chances of meeting that special someone.  It doesn’t matter if you are a gay man or a lesbian. This method works for everyone!  You might even be bi-sexual or straight!  It will work for you too!      

How am I going to do it?   I am going to tell you.  I am going to teach you step by step how you can greatly increase your chances of connecting with someone today.  Not any old someone but someone who matches the things you want in a partner, someone who likes the same things as you and someone who wants the same kind of life you want for yourself and maybe even someone you will fall in love with. 

I am going to show you how you can easily meet and connect with not just anyone but the RIGHT one- and more than you will feel confident talking to anyone anytime anywhere!  This is not a guide about online dating websites- this is a tool that you can use to gain the attention you need to help you find that special someone.  It will help you create the ultimate profile and maximize your time spent online so you can attract and capture the attention of the kinds of people YOU want to find. 

Hi, I’m Vicki Wagner and I’m going to show you how you can find the love of your life.   My book, “Get a Date Today, How To Market Yourself for Love,” will teach you how to get results with your online dating profile.

Listen, I am going to get right to the point.  People think that online dating doesn’t work.  They are wrong!  Right now there are 45 million people using online dating websites in the United States alone. It’s not that online dating doesn’t work.  It’s that it doesn’t work for people who don’t know how to capture the essence of themselves.

What people don’t realize is that in order to sell anything someone must buy it.  If you can’t convince someone to buy something they won’t.  That is exactly what happens to people’s online dating profiles.  They are trying to sell themselves to people but everyone is passing them by. 

Your Online Dating Profile is an advertisement of YOU.  Selling the idea of yourself is just like selling any other product.   What happens in online dating is that people forget that.  People put up a picture of themselves, write a few sentences and expect people to come running!  Then they are disappointed when no one contacts them.  Then they convince themselves and anyone that will listen to them that online dating doesn’t work.

But let me ask you something.  If it didn’t work, would 45 MILLION people be trying to do it?  NO!  Online dating sites would have folded years ago if that was the case.  Let me reiterate this:  It’s not that online dating doesn’t work, it’s that people don’t know how to make it work for THEM. If you aren’t getting results that is exactly what is happening to you.  It’s not that you’re not a desirable person; it’s just that you don’t know how to write about yourself in a way that will make other people want to contact you.

People think that online dating doesn’t work.  If someone had taken that person by the hand and showed them exactly what they needed to do in order to get results then they would proclaim to the world, “Online dating is the greatest thing and you CAN and WILL find love online.” The problem is they didn’t know they needed help.  They thought their profile was perfect. They thought to themselves as everybody does, “Surely someone would want to date ME.”  They write a profile that is lifeless, dull and boring.  Then they wait week after week for someone to contact them.  And guess what?  No one does, or at least no one they consider interesting.  Then they are let down and go back to their lonely corner of the world and sulk and think, “I’ll never find anyone who loves me.” 

That might be what is happening to you.  You probably thought you had the greatest profile ad up there and that everybody would come running to your door.  You thought they’d be lined up waiting to meet you.  Unfortunately no one taught you how to make yourself COMPELLING. No one taught you that there were ways to get you noticed.

But I can.  In fact when I first got online I ignored what everyone told me and I created what I call an online press kit.

I had three years of experience as a stand up comedian and selling myself to bookers to know exactly how to sell myself.  And you know what? I got results. After only 6 months online I had over 2000 hits on my profile.  2000 HITS! I picked and chose the people I wanted to go out with and I had a never-ending supply of people to choose from.   My friends were actually jealous.  They had profiles online and they swore it didn’t work.  They kept asking me what I was doing different and they were mad at me for going out on so many dates.

Finally I had to take a look at their profiles.  I’ll be honest.  They sucked.  In my opinion they were literally scaring people away.  They were so boring that if they hadn’t been my friends I would have stopped reading them halfway through.  And then they wondered why no one wanted to meet them.  And these were good, fun-loving, kindhearted, attractive people who should have been going out on dates with other people.  But they weren’t.  And the sole reason was because their profiles weren’t doing one thing to compel people to want to contact them.

In every instance I saw the same mistakes over and over and over.  All of my friends were doing all of the wrong things.  And these were people I knew had great qualities!  They were intelligent, educated and some of them were actually salespeople! 

I was blown away. 

In every case I saw that they really didn’t know how to truly advertise themselves.  They didn’t know how to captivate people and they certainly didn’t know how to make someone want to contact them.

When they changed the things I told them to change they suddenly started getting results.  They didn’t know how simple it could actually be.  After helping so many of my friends they said, “You should write a book on this.”  I’ll be honest; never in my life did I ever think of writing a book on how to help people get results with their online profiles.  In fact if you would have asked me a few years ago I would have laughed.  I simply didn’t consider it. 

But after two years of people telling me that I should share this with others I felt obligated.  People told me my techniques were amazing and dramatically improved their love life.  So this is my small contribution to the world.  It works.  I can honestly tell you that if you don’t meet someone after applying the concepts in this book, you never will.  Because this my friend, is the golden ticket.  It absolutely positively will help you.  It gets results. 

Listen, you can take action now and find the love you really want.  It’s out there.  You can have it.  It’s easy.  Buy this book now.  Make yourself happy.  Attract the love you deserve.   If after applying the concepts in my book you still think online dating doesn’t work I will refund your money.  Trust me, your profile will get the results you want.  I guarantee it. 

Wouldn’t you like to tell all of your friends how awesome online dating is?  Wouldn’t you like to prove that you made the right decision to look for love online?

Look, I know you are probably a smart person or you wouldn’t be seeking ways to help yourself.  You are losing $30 a month by having an ineffective online dating profile.  Most people sign up for a 3-6 month membership costing anywhere between $30-$500.  Think of the amount of money you are losing by not having this book. Of course you would agree that if you could find someone online sooner that you would save money.  Not only would you find love but you wouldn’t be losing any more of your hard earned money with an ad that doesn’t get results.  Only a fool would continue to use the same ad.  Most people know that if there is a tool out there that can help them they will buy it and save themselves a lot of heartache.  Wouldn’t you?   

I mean, come on, who wants to be lonely?  Everyone wants to find love.  Why not make it easy on yourself.  Download this step-by-step guide that will improve your chances of meeting the love of your life. 



I’ve studied persuasion, communications and public relations for years.  I know what works, what doesn’t and WHY. You can go out and spend $60,000 to learn the things I learned over the last 20 years or you can save yourself a ton of money and a lot of years and get this book. 

If you had to go it alone and try to write a compelling dating ad or you could write one that gets results of course you would choose to have this guide by your side when writing your profile.  The results you get will be amazing.  You’ll start attracting more people than you could ever imagine.  Download the guide now and get ready to attract the love of your life. 

Before you say that Internet dating is not for you- hold on!

Think about how many times you have gone out and stood at the bar by yourself.  Think about how you stood there as your friends were getting hit on left and right.  Do you remember how it made you feel? Do you remember getting all dressed up before you went out because you were SURE you would meet someone and then after a long night and a lot of wasted money- did NOT?

How many times have you been told that you could meet someone right in the grocery store?  Have you found that special someone in the vegetable aisle? Or the beer aisle?  Or the meat section?  Did it happen?  Did it?

How many times has your Mother told you that you were a nice person and that there was someone out there for you?  Have you met him or her yet?  Have you?  Chances are you haven’t and that is why you are still reading this.  Listen, it’s hard enough being gay let alone trying to meet other gay people!


Ms. Wagner’s book is a fun, insightful workbook-style system, designed for those desiring to change their dating strategies, for real results.  Ms. Wagner shares, through time-tested marketing principles, exactly how to determine who you really are and what you really want, to more easily navigate the choppy waters of the online and physical dating worlds.

Susan Davis, “Dating From the Inside Out”

Los Angeles, CA                                                Why Wait?  Get it Now

We want to let you know your book is awesome. It’s witty, and we love the format. The advice works. I put up a profile online, and get tons of chicks asking me out or interested in what I have to say.  My friend, Hector, also put a profile using your advice and got lots of hits.

Liz Simmons

Los Angeles, CA

                                                   Why Wait?  Get it NOW

I never knew how to market myself on the Internet before reading Vicki's book!  I had never even thought about me as a personal brand.  Her information is incredibly useful.  It really changed things for me!  In fact, my whole life has changed! You can apply her principles to a lot more than just finding a date...Although; it certainly helped me find one!

Thank you Vicki!

Rob Biedron

Chicago, Il                                  Why Wait?  Get it NOW

I started getting dates immediately after reading this book.  Women who wouldn’t give me the time of day began responding after reading my profile. This is a must read!  I read it cover to cover and applied all the principles.  Great Stuff!

Hector Celorio

Los Angeles, CA                                                           Why Wait?  Get it NOW

If it wasn’t for you Ann and I would have never met!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Now we are engaged!  Your book is incredible!  If people don’t get the book they are nuts.

Jordan Phillips

Sacramento, CA   

                                                      Why Wait?  Get it NOW

Your book is awesome - I read most of it before driving the 9 hours to my Mom's.  I had a note book beside me so that I could record my thoughts about each area you suggested -  very productive drive I tell you.

Dating is going Great - I have 3 this week.

Heather Rothman

Canada                                                        Why Wait?  Get it NOW

Oh my gosh!  You have to get this book.  My profile was so dull before I read it!  I was doing everything wrong!  After reading Vicki's book I applied her logical and insightful techniques and now I have a terrific profile.  I am so glad I took the time to do it!

Pilar Rueda

Lake Forest, CA                                                         Why Wait?  Get it NOW

When I got online I was doing it all wrong!  I was attracting the wrong kinds of people and totally marketing myself the wrong way!  I was online for about a year and a half when I came across Vicki’s book.  She shared her profile.  It was so different than all the others I had read.  It stood out.  It was real. It was compelling.  She shared her life stories.  After I downloaded her book I immediately changed my profile.  After reading the sample profile’s I re-wrote mine and actually began to woo Vicki.    We met and now we have been together over a year.  If it wasn’t for her book we never would have met.  It is full of great tips that are easy to apply.  It is easy to read, it is practical and it made me see myself from a standpoint that I hadn’t thought of.  If you buy one thing to help you attract a date or find love, get this book.  It works.  You can call me on it.

Kimberly Cox

Sacramento, CA                                                         Why Wait?  Get it Now

Vicki's book is an awesome, easy to read, readily understandable, well-thought out perspective from both sides of the aisle!  It works.

Nancy Ferrara

Orange County, CA

                                                               Why Wait?  Get it NOW

Because of Vicki Wagner I can honestly say I have met my true love.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are!  Vicki uses humor and has a keen sense of the human condition.  Her advice helped me find the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, and guess what?  We’re engaged!  Thanks Vicki

Ann Lippert

North Hollywood, CA                         Why Wait?  Get it NOW